The order of manuscripts review

Form of review


(author, title)

1. General description of the content

• The relevance of the topic

• Originality

• Methodological originality of the approach

• The purity of the experiment and the reproducibility of the results (for applied research)

• The clarity and unambiguity of the findings, their limitations in the text, the adequacy of the substantive provisions of article

2. The quality of the article construction

• Equipment of scientific apparatus (summary / abstract, bibliography, reference system and the like.)
• The readability of tables and figures, according to the physical meanings of the described regularities and phenomena

• Knowledge of the author (s) state of issue in the study area (link to a new periodical literature, etc.).

3. Comments on the presentation and design of the manuscript.

4. Reasoned conclusion

Compliance of articles issues to the problematics of the journal section.

5. Recommendations:

- Publication of the article as submitted;

- Revising the article based on the comments (general or specific);

- Irrationality (the impossibility) the publication of the submitted article.

6. Surname, initials, position, academic degree, academic rank of the reviewer.

7. Date signed reviews.